About Us

Our philosophy is to make the society sustainable for the next generation. Agriculture is the most necessary industry to keep the human society sustainable. Then we have two agricultural reengineering businesses to realize our philosophy.

One business is named VegiProvider®, a face-to-face vegetable supply system.
Another one is to create innovative businesses by fusing agriculture and any industries other than that.

We think it is not sustainable that someone wins and others loses. So, we do take enough time to make trust between farmers and buyers, and also all players relating to a new business should be happy.

We always keen on making our knowledge wider and deeper to act creative & quickly beyond any past bondage for the next society.

Company Name M2 Labo. Inc.
Established October 1st, 2009
President Yuriko Kato
Vice President Ryouhei Nomoto
Stock Holders Founder/President Yuriko Kato, SSK Foods Inc., Suzuki Support Inc.、Sano Motoharu (President, Sanoman)
Capital 25 million yens
Businesses 【Agri Think&Action Tank】
VegiProvider(Farm to Table)
Fresh foods bus system (Logistics for fresh foods)
Agri-Arts (Liberal arts in the agricultural site)
Japan Agricultural Robots Association ( AG Robots Development Support)
VegiLabo (Framing) Machinery motion control
Headquarters location 〒439-0006 110-1 Horinouchi Kikugawa-shi Shizuoka-ken
TEL : 0537-28-7721 FAX : 0537-28-7724
Official Site URL
Performances 【Agri Business Creation】
2010・2011・2013 Shizuoka Pref.commission projects
2014~ Makinohara-city, Fujieda-city
2015~ Mishima-city
Support for agri-business of some non-agri companies
About 100 farmers & about 50 buyers
2014~ Vegitable shop in Entetsu Store, Kikugawa shop
2013~ Minori Market in S-Pulse Dream Plaza (Shimizu, Shizuoka Pref.)

Yuriko Kato

Profile of President

1998---Graduated Tokyo Univ., Agriculture dep.

2000---Awarded a master degree in Cranfield Univ. , Precision farming.
Joined in NASA’s project of plant factories on the space stations.

2001---Worked for Canon Inc. SOC Validation dep.

2002---Worked for R&D dep. of industrial robots, Sankyo Seisakusho Inc.

2009---Established M2Labo. Inc.

2012---Awarded the first prize of the 1st DBJ Women Entrepreneurs New Business
Plan Competition

M2Labo. Inc. President
CSN Regional Creative Network Inc. , Board member
Toclas Inc.,  Outside board member
The cooperative research center, Visiting professor

<Community Service>
Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications, Information and Communications Council, Expert committee(2015.9~2017.1)
Chubu Regional Plan Advisory Council, Committee(2014.12~2016.11)
NARO External evaluation committee(2014.1~2016.12)
Council on Economic and Fiscal Policy, ”The future to be selected”, Expert committee(2013.1~2014.12)

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